YES!!! I Did It - 31 Days of Blogging

Yay!!! I completed #Blogtoberfest14 - 31 blog posts one for each day of October hosted by Shells in the Bush.  I have to admit it wasn't easy some days I struggled with what to post about and if it would be anything that would be of interest.  But I had challenged myself and I did it so I'm going to give myself a pat on the back.

Today I went into Altrincham for the SpookyWoo Spectacular and what a fantastic turn out.  Just walking down George Street there was evidence of little witches and ghouls it was lovely to see people taking part in the event and the enthusiasm of the parents to get involved.  The event was organised and setup by volunteers and they did an amazing job.

Here are some pics from the event 

This was what it was like inside at 3pm and I had to queue up to get in so you can see how busy it was.

Karen Wroe project Director of Art With A Heart  (link to website)- she wasn't sleeping on her feet honest - ohhh just look at that spooky face on the table.

The lovely Bex Wild gallery curator Art With A Heart (link to facebook page)  - I think she rather likes dressing up

#blogtoberfest14 day 31 the finale.


Travelling Journal - Live Your Dream

Here is another travelling journal which I have added my art to.  This little lady is hand drawn into the journal page and painted with water colour pencils, water soluble wax crayons a little bit of acrylic paint.  I've added some rubber stamped elements to the page to add some texture and interest to the background.  I like her dreamy look and the words "Live Your Dream" seemed appropriate.  I haven't drawn a face in ages so I'm really pleased with the way she's come out.  I'm also not very good with water colours due to the nature of them. 

#blogtoberfest14 day 30


What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday #282

On my work desk this morning is a big box of embroidery threads with which I have started to stitch my textile artist trading card with.  I need to get this finished for the end of this week so I can send it off to it's new home.  I host an ATC - artist trading card swap every month for the gallery I volunteer at Art With A Heart and one of the players Ottilia-Bogdan Cormos this month has made an ATC on perspex and I loved it so much that I asked for a personal trade and she very kindly agreed and sent me this totally gorgeous ATC - the theme for the swap was Halloween or autumn.

Here is the ATC that Ottilia sent to me - isn't it gorgeous?  The colours are so vibrant.

And here is my desk as it stands today.

Want to know more about What's on your work desk Wednesday?  Then pop over to Julia's blog The Stamping Ground for the details and to see what the other artists are sharing on their desks.

#blogtoberfest14 day 29
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Finished Halloween Costume

Today I finished off the halloween costume for my niece - theme Corpse Bride.  I've sewn on the decapitated skeleton bones to the stenciled bones and they look great even if I say so myself.  I especially like the three skeleton hands on the bodice of the dress.  To finish the whole thing off I have to make a black bow and attach it to a headband.  I can't wait to see my niece in the dress complete with painted face.

Well here it is - let me know what you think.  Hopefully I will be sent a picture of my niece in full costume.

#blogtoberfest14 day 28


Halloween Costume - Corpse Bride

Today I've been doing my auntie duties and making my niece a halloween costume in the style of the Corpse Bride.  Having traipsed around the local market and not finding anything that was suitable we decided to go ahead and make the dress instead.  First thing to do was dye the fabric to a similar blue that is shown in the film -we or should I say I did this by mixing turquoise and ultramarine brusho powder paint in some cold water.  This was a total experiment as they're not meant to be used as fabric paint but this was the more economical way of colouring the fabric and I'm happy to say it worked.  Not sure the colour will stay if washed but as this is only going to be worn for a few hours I can't see it being a problem.  

Next step cutting out the pattern - well there is no pattern so I had to adhoc it using one of my nieces dress as a template for size.

Then onto sewing and fitting - after a few nips and tucks dress is ready to wear...but hang on it looks too plain.  Okay so we (that is I) have some skeletons in my little magic box - so we take them apart limb by limb - team effort here by auntie and niece.  

Next - they're going to look lost on their own.............okay bright spark..........lets make a bone stencil and add some along the border and waist of the dress.  Out comes silver acrylic and black paint.  Bones stenciled next step........................that's tomorrows post.

Decapitated skeleton

Sewing begins

All made up

Stenciling begins

Nearly there

Checking to see how the decapitated skeleton parts look on the dress.

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#blogtoberfest14 day 27


Sunday Sentiments #4

A very quick post from me today for the Sunday Sentiments link up with Inky Dinky Doodle - this is a journal page I made nearly 12 months ago and I thought I would share it today.

"The past is just a ghost, the future is a dream, all we ever has is now - Bill Crosby"  

I love this quote.  There is only the NOW.  We can make intentions for the future but the universe will deliver only when the time is right.  When I look back at some of the things that have occurred in my life I can see now where it was all leading - or at least some of it.  The last few years I've become more aware of the Law of Attraction and how the universe works and how to make my life better and maybe direct it to how I want it to be in the future.  

Please do pop over and see what the other artists are sharing for Sunday Sentiments.

#blogtoberfest14 day 26


Oyster Stamp Blog Hop Winner

WOW just look at all the goodies that popped through my door today.  I took part in a blog hop - visiting listed blogs - over a few days looking at what the selected artists had created within a theme.  The blog hop started off at Hickydorums and went on daily with different blog hosts.  The idea was to visit each blog and leave a comment.  Well being nosy and I like to see what's happening in the arty world of crafts I entered and left a comment on each of the blog posts.  When I first read the blog hop details I don't think I even saw that there was a prize I was too excited to see the different techniques and idea.  Anyway last week Neet from Hickydorums announced a winner and I was one of them.  

Here's what I received today from Oyster Stamps who were offering the prize - there's some stamps (which a certain 9 year old has hinted that she likes), a couple of packets of air dry clay which I've never tried, a couple of tubs of Brusho (to add to my collection), some molds etc.

My Happy Post. 

Well I'm off to watch Strictly Come Dancing - tomorrow is play day with my goodies.
#blogtoberfest14 day 25


More Gelli Print Cards

Running late today as its the Hindu new year (2071) and we've had visitors and this is going to be a very short post.  

So here are the last of my cards made with the Gelli prints I made this week.  This time I've added some bottle caps along with the rubber stamping. 

Rubber stamped flowers with a flower head stamped and inserted into a bottle cap. 

These I've left as abstract pieces.

On this one I stamped 3 images in black ink and then added the bottle caps with the stamped image of the flower heads in a blue/green colour.

#blogtoberfest14 Day 24


Gelli Print Cards - #blogtoberfest14 day 23

So I've been having fun with the Gelli Arts printing plate and I've now got quite a few pieces of prints.  Now it's great pulling all these prints but what to do with them?  Well the possibilities are endless you can use them as part of your mixed media artwork, or add them to your journal pages, make paper beads with them etc.  Here I've made mine into very simple cards with a little bit of rubber stamping added to them -apart from the first card in the row of 3 which I've doodled on to creating an abstract face and fish.  

I can't take credit for this simple yet effect design.  I was blog hopping last week and I came across Shabby Cottage Studio run by the lovely Gail Schmidt and she has kindly allowed me to use her design idea to create my cards.  Please do pop over and have a look at Gail's blog and her cards as they are really lovely, she's also created matching envelopes how clever is that?



It's Time for WOYWW 281

Or as it's also known as What's on your work desk? Wednesday - find out more at the Stamping Ground.

I've been playing with my gelli print again.  This time trying out the dark over light technique.  This involves allowing the paints to dry before adding the final dark colour prior to pulling the print.  I have to say I love this technique - I like being in control of the design and laying the design precisely as I want it.  on the desk there is scrap piece of thick tracing type paper which I salvaged from an envelope and I'm using to practice some designs and colour combinations.  You can also see perched on top of my pencils a fabric ATC (artist trading card) waiting to be finished off.

This is one of the prints I made using the dark over light technique.

These prints are just some normal prints  - the above 2 are on glossy card  which I've been told NOT to use as it will affect the gelli plate - lesson learnt.

These 2 were a couple of messing about prints just on copy paper which isn't ideal as it's too thin and goes wrinkly but that's okay they will get used in another project.

That's me for this Wednesdays WOYWW.  Do pop over to the Stamping Ground to see what everyone else has been up to.

Thank you to everyone who visits and leaves a comment on my posts.

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#blogtoberfest14 day 22


52 Book Challenge Update

Earlier this year I joined a facebook group where the challenge was to read 52 books by the end of the year.  This challenge was started by the lovely Fiona from The Sewing Directory.   I won't have achieved this figure but it's certainly made me read more this year than I have done in the last few years.  I'm really enjoying being part of a group where the sole intention is to read and suggest books you've read - it's little like a book club but without the intense breakdown of each book.  It's also made me look at and read books by authors I would never have picked.  I've still got a long way to go but to date I've read 23 books and nearly 3/4 of the way of book 24.  I still have a pile of books on my desk waiting to be read - yes I still like and read proper paper books.  I did give into buying a kindle for convenience when travelling but there's nothing like a proper book. 

So here is my list so far it's quite a diverse list- 
1. Cross Stitch - Diana Gabaldon
2. Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn
3. Nothing to Lose - Lee Child
4. Dodger - Terry Pratchett
5. Fault in Our Stars - John Green
6. Manuscript from Accra -  Paulo Coehlo
7. The Holiday - Jane Green
8. 31 Dream Street - Lisa Jewell
9. Where'd You Go Bernadette - Maria Semple
10. Divas - Rebecca Chance
11. Memento Mori - Muriel Spart
12. 61 Hours - Lee Child
13. The Hat Shop on the Corner - Marita Conlan Mckenna
14. The Best of Times - Penny Vincenzi
15. Dragonfly In Amber - Diana Gabaldon
16. Voyager - Diana Gabaldon
17. The List - Joanna Bolouri
18. A Walk Across the Sun - Corban Addison
19. About A Girl - Lindsey Kelk
20. The Nothing Girl - Jodi Taylor
21. Family Magic - Patti Larson
22. The Moonglow Cafe - Deborah Garner 
23. Game of Thrones book one - A Song of Ice and Fire -George R R Martin
24. Game of Thrones - book two A Clash of Kings  - George RR Martin - currently reading

#blogtoberfest14 day 21


Where's The Party Tonight?

At my house on the dance floor that's where it's at hahaha.  Can you tell I had fun dressing up my skeletons?  They will be leaving me and going to a new home soon so I shall make the most of them while they are still here with me.  I might even make a few more just because I can and have a few more left over.

I managed to get these from Asda a little bit pricier than I've paid in the past but the head and legs are jointed so they do have some movement to them.  My initial idea was to dress them up in a sari but it didn't suit them and didn't have the right look so I ditched that idea and came up with this.  The skirt is made from some left over flowers from the outfit I made for my cousins wedding.  The beads I have a whole stack of so there was no problem finding something to make some bling with.  The bindis are little gems and the nail polish is actually polish from my stash.  

The Ghouls wanted in on the party to hehehe

#blogtoberfest14 day 20



Time For Tea

It's coming up to that time of the year when the masks come off and the broomsticks come out.  Of course I'm talking about Halloween whether you embrace it or not it seems to be getting bigger every year.  I'm all for having a good time..................or should that be a ghoul time hahahaha. 

A member over on one of the artist trading card sites where I'm a member is hosting a trade/swap named "Odd Ball Ornaments".  The aim is to make unusual ornaments which can then be hung on your Christmas tree or around the house............really wherever your heart pleases.  I've had several ideas including altered skeletons, eyeballs etc.  One of them includes altering foam ghoul shapes.  I found some in a local pound shop they are light weight and having a blank canvas to work on is great.

I've used some spray inks, acrylics, stencils, rubber stamps, buttons and one of them even has some watch parts.  

Spray inks and stenciled designs

The one on the left is completed and the other one I need to add some words.

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Feminine Divine Commission Artwork

Today I can reveal the commission I've been working on for the last couple of months.  It's been a very enjoyable journey creating this mixed media artwork.  The mediums I've used are acrylic paints, stencils, rubber stamps, glitter and a clay heart I made with air dry clay.


#Blogtoberfest14 day 18


Another Gelli Print- Dark over Light

Yesterday Gelli Arts released a tutorial for printing dark over light and it involved letting the paint dry before adding the final layer of black.  I'm loving playing with the gelli plate but I don't like rushing and pulling the print while the paint is still wet as I find you can't control the design as much as I'd like to.  The other thing I like about this new technique is that you can really build the design in stages and maybe a little bit more refined - maybe I just like being in control.

Anyway here is what I did this evening.  It's not very detailed as I didn't have much time but I did enjoy the process and next time I'll give myself more time to plan out the design.

Ha yes I do have a messy desk and not so much space to work in but I like it like that.  

#blogtoberfest14 day 17


Diwali Festival of Lights

#blogtoberfest14  day 16 - This time next week most Hindus all over the world will be celebrating Diwali - The Festival of Lights - I say most as not all Hindus celebrate Diwali as I found out when I was working out there a few years ago and depending on which part of India you are from Diwali is celebrated for different reasons.  

In the Gujarat where my family are from, the festival honours Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth - new businesses are also started at this auspicious time.  Diya's or lamps are lit in every household so that the Goddess Lakshmi will find her way to each house to give her blessings.  Another reason to celebrate is the return of Lord Ram and his wife Sita from an exile of 14 years.  You can read more about Diwali here.  

I haven't made any specific cards this year but I think my Gelli print OM designs can be made into cards and are suitable for the occasion.  I know many of the commercial cards depict images of the gods and goddesses and some of my family have mentioned that they would prefer to get something a little bit different.  

These are the original Gelli prints and below are the 2 cards I made by printing onto mat photo paper.



What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday 280

It's time for WOYWW or What's on Your Work Desk Wednesday - find out more about WOYWW on the Stamping Ground blog run by the lovely Julia Dunnit.  

I don't have very much on my desk today other than the remnants of yesterday's card making - some stamped images and off cuts of paper/card, a set of snowflake stamps from Oak House Studio which I used to make the background for the heart with and the embossing along the edge of the gelli print paper.  I'm hoping to make up the off cuts into another card topper.  You can see the card I made yesterday below.  I would have made a couple more cards but I got a bit obsessed with getting the photography correct or attempted to.  

My messy desk

Photograph I took today in natural daylight

yesterdays photograph using lighting

I'm off to peruse as many of the WOYWW desks.


Photography - blogtoberfest14 day 14

Is not happening here at the moment.  I am now obsessed with getting a white background without shadows and I've spent all day trying different settings different cameras (I have 2) to get a decent picture but out of all the ones I took today not one of them have come out anywhere decent.  I'm sure I've taken at lease 50 photographs and maybe a few more.  There's still too much grey but then maybe the white card wouldn't show up if the background was white.  Oh well upwards and onwards.  



Gelli Prints

Day #13 of #blogtoberfest14 

Gelli printing is the rage at the moment with the endless possibilities of creating unique one off background prints.  You can cut them up, to use in your art work, journaling pages, bookmarks, gift tags the list is endless. I used a mix of rubber stamps, cut out stencil block shapes, the owl greeting card which I bought from Paperchase and a cocktail stick. My paint of choice was Liquitex acrylic paints.

The top 2 prints are made on glossy photo paper and the larger pieces below are made on copy paper.

More about #blogtoberfest14 can be found over on Shells in the Bush