Where's The Party Tonight?

At my house on the dance floor that's where it's at hahaha.  Can you tell I had fun dressing up my skeletons?  They will be leaving me and going to a new home soon so I shall make the most of them while they are still here with me.  I might even make a few more just because I can and have a few more left over.

I managed to get these from Asda a little bit pricier than I've paid in the past but the head and legs are jointed so they do have some movement to them.  My initial idea was to dress them up in a sari but it didn't suit them and didn't have the right look so I ditched that idea and came up with this.  The skirt is made from some left over flowers from the outfit I made for my cousins wedding.  The beads I have a whole stack of so there was no problem finding something to make some bling with.  The bindis are little gems and the nail polish is actually polish from my stash.  

The Ghouls wanted in on the party to hehehe

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