Swarovski pearls & crystals bracelet

Commission made for a father to give to his 3 year old daughter on his wedding day. It's so tiny - 12cms long with a small extention.

So how did I come by this commision?  It was all because of  Joanne from Vintage Twee she is one of the loveliest people you can meet.  Her work is of the highest standards that I have seen in a long time.  Every detail of her work is thought out carefully to show off the vintage paper, lace, designs etc to their best advantage.

Joanne was commisioned to make some vintage items for a couple who are getting married in Stockton on Tees and the gentleman wanted to give his 3 year old daughter something to open on the wedding day and she suggested he speak to me.  After a few emails regarding his requirements and me sending him sample pics of my previous work he decided to go with a simple but beautiful bracelet. 

You have to really see it so appreciate how tiny and cute it looks. It only measures 12cms from the sterling silver heart clasp to the first ring.  I've also added a short extention to this so that it can be made a little bit bigger if needed.  It's difficult trying to gauge a size from just the measurements.

To see more of Joannes work check out her website http://vintagetwee.com/


Tuesday Taster Sessions

Lou's Necklace, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Louises button pendant that she made at the Tuesday Taster session @ Broadstone Mill.


Times Square New York

DSCN0251, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Just like in the films lol. Loved loved loved it here and our hotel was just up the road.

An elephant in New York 2

An elephant in New York 2, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

And a close up

An elephant in New York

An elephant in New York, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

LOL I've just realised I've not updated any pics from my trip to New York.

Here is a little taster of what one can find without even looking for it. I love elephants and when I saw this sculputure (52nd or 53rd st West) I knew I had to photograph it.

Anyone visiting NY should really walk around the city there is so much to see and do. I really NEED to go back there very sooonnnnn.


William 21st Birthday Commision

Made for a lady who had only popped into see one of the photographers in one of the other studios. She saw another card I had done with a champagne glass - the beads looked like bubbles coming out of the glass.

Hope she likes it.

Lampwork Bracelet

Lampwork Bracelet, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Here is the finished bracelet made with the lampwork beads made by Jeanette. Teamed up with 3mm swarovski bicones and sterling silver.


Cake Crown

Cake Crown, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

This is what I have been working on in the last couple of weeks. It has been commisioned by Virginia Valentine http://www.angelcakesbyvirginiavalentine.co.uk/.

This is going to be the Crown of a 2 or 3 tier square cake which will be launched in June. The 4 sides of the cake will be decorated with vines.



Artfest 2010 16, originally uploaded by itsamistry.
Here are some more ATCs for trading at ArtFest 2010. More abstract this time. Don't know if to add some beads or stitching to them. Will have to see how I feel when I look at them again tomorrow morning.


Artfest 2010 6

Artfest 2010 6, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Artfest 2010 3

Artfest 2010 3, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Artist Trading Cards to trade at AFA2010 Rochester NYC June 2010

Acrylic, beads and fabric butterfly painted with acrylics then beaded (beads are all sewn on).

Thought I'd better make a start on some ATCs to trade at the live meet up in Rochester NY in June. I trade mostly at http://www.atcsforall.com/index.php and http://www.illustratedatcs.com/index.php.

Last year there was a live meet up here in the UK (myself and Kay organised it) and in the USA and we all had a blast. However this year there is no UK artfest so my friend Kay and I are heading over the pond to New York and then onto Rochester where this years live meet up is being held and I can't wait we have 4 weeks left before we go (fingers crossed the volcano has stopped spewing ash and that BA are not on strike).

Don't think I want to wait another 3 years to go to NY - I was supposed to go for my 40th but it never happened so when this opportunity came along I grabbed it with both hands.


I've been published !!!!!!

Beads and Beyond June 2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Woohoo can you tell I'm excited LOL it's not as if I've never had any of my work published before - I've had a couple of my ATC's published in the online ArtTrader Magazine. But this is a first for my jewellery and to have it in such a lovley magazine to.

Here's the full story -
I made the beaded bead and updated it on my social networks (facebook, flickr etc) and the comments I received about the bead took me quite by surprise as I was convinced someone had already made something similar. But I was told quite resoundly that no it was my own invention. Then someone suggested that I submitt it to a magazine and having looked (and bought/subscribed) to quite a few magazines I decided to send it to Beads and Beyond as I liked the lovely clean and clear way the article were presented.

So I submitted my tutorial to them a couple of months ago and I received an email from the assistant editor Rebecca Hughes telling me that they would like to publish it in one of their issues......................and here it is in the June issue of Beads and Beyond. I love the way they have done the photographs so much more interesting than mine.


Multi coloured spiral rope bracelet

Thought I would use up some odds and ends that were piling up. Necklace to follow


Right Angle Weave with Hugs and Kisses

Right-angle weave also called RAW is another easy stitch to start with. It can be done either with a single or double needle. You can use any type or size of bead as well as combination to create a different effect every time.

Level Beginner
Duration 2 - 3hours
Cost £25.00 (includes materials)
Thursday 29 April 11am to 1pm
Saturday 1st May 11am to 1pm

Spiral Rope Bracelet -Workshop/Classes

Spiral Rope, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Jewellery making is fast becoming an extremely popular pastime as more people are discovering the joy and therapeutic value of handcrafting their own unique pieces. My classes are small (maximum of 6 to 8 people) which means that you receive plenty of attention. You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve in just one day in my studio. Whether you wish to make unique pieces of jewellery for yourself or for loved ones my classes will be tailored to your particular needs.

Spiral Rope Bracelet

This is a really easy stitch to start with and is a favourite with beginners. It is a versatile stitch when done in different combinations and bead sizes it ensures individuality every time.

Level Beginner
Duration 2 - 3 hours
Cost £25.00 (includes materials)
Thursday 22 April 11am to 1pm
Saturday 24 April 11am to 1pm

For further details visit my website http://www.itsamistrydesignstudio.com/jewelleryworkshops.htm



JEWELLERY DEMO 001, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Ready Set .....................................Go.

Today was the first day of the March Madness discount day and the first time I have demonstrated outside of an organised craft/jewellery event. I was a bit nervous to start of with as I didn't know whether anyone would be interested in a jewellery demo in a retail shop.

Anyway as it happens I had quite a crowd gather in the morning and the afternoon. I had a blast and I think looking at the pictures the ladies who came over and watched (and one lady even had a try at a spiral rope) enjoyed the session and I think I even inspired a couple of the them to get their bead stash out and have a go.

All in all a good day and I get to do it all again tomorrow.


JEWELLERY DEMO 005, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

The setup was at the entrance to the gallery and open studios - you can just see the stairs leading up to the gallery area.


JEWELLERY DEMO 008, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

All eyes on me showing the ladies how to do right angle weave


JEWELLERY DEMO 010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Hahahhaa I wasn't asleep honest :)

Jewellery Making Demonstration

JEWELLERY DEMO 012, originally uploaded by itsamistry.


The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Lots of laughter going on - that's what I like to see.

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

The boys concentrating on making the charms and pendants

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010

The Buzz Workshop 15.03.2010, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Yay pics of the first workshop that I have hosed in my new studio at Broadstone Mill.

I can't tell you how nervous I was when they first arrived I wasn't sure if the samples I had made would be what they were expecting. After all I was teaching teachers but I think they had a good time. The boys certainly seemed to enjoy making the wirework and bamboo charm/pendants.

What a fab way of having your team meetings.


studio pic 8

studio pic 8, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

View of my studio from the bottom of the stairs http://www.houldsworthvillage.co.uk/content/relax/arts-crafts-open-studios

studio pic 3

studio pic 3, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

View from the outside of the studio (yeah I know they look like cells). Its 13ft 6inches by 11ft 6inches which is a lot bigger than what I am using at present. http://www.houldsworthvillage.co.uk/content/relax/arts-crafts-open-studios



cupcakes, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I made these for my nieces 5th birthday party - they went down a treat.


Hematite drop necklace

Hematite drop necklace, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I made this last week to match the earrings but never got around to taking pics.

Blacksilver beaded bead earring

My beaded beads made into earrings.


Beaded Charms

Beaded Charms, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

These are for a swop over on www.atcsforall.com/index.php

Swarovski pearls

P1015462, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

This pendant is alittle bit different to the others in that I have added smaller beads inbetween the larger beads.

swaro crystal beaded bead pendant

More of my beaded pendants


Back garden

P1015344, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

more snow

P1015346, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

We have steps leading down to the pavement - this is whats is on the grass verge (such as it is).

snow snow and more snow

P1015347, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Its all ice underneath all that snow.