FITW - Face In The World Collaboration

Starting another FITW (face in the world) collaboration with 4 other artists. This is how I have started mine. This will travel to each of the other 3 artists who will add to the face and when it come back to me it will be a complete face. Looking forward to the journey as we all work on each others faces.


Jigsaw Puzzle Collaboration

While I was at ArtDiego earlier this year I was part of a jigsaw art collaboration.  We were all given a whole jigsaw (35 pieces) which we decorated in anyway we liked.  These were then all broken up and mixed up so that each artist received a piece or puzzle from each artist.  I received mine this week and it looks amazing.  

Here is a pic of the puzzles before they were taken apart and mixed up.

Here is what I received back.

A big thank you to Jackie (aka Jazzie) and Helene for rearranging all the puzzles.