Red Donut Earrings

Red Donut Earrings, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I just love the way this photograph has turned out. Who's a clever girl then?


Goldstone bracelet

Goldstone bracelet, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Red Donut Necklace

I've been messing around with the premium options in picnik and I'm really impressed with what you can do. It's simple and easy to follow. There's no trying to figure out how to make something fade away or how to change the background colours. It was well worth upgrading to premium.
P1014545, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Golden Sands

Golden Sands, originally uploaded by itsamistry.


multi czech crystal

multi czech crystal, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I absolutely love the colours in this set definately me colours. I always get lovely remarks from people when I wear it. The AB coating doesn't half make it sparkle -such a happy feeling set whether you wear the necklace or bracelet on its own its sure to get you noticed.

Beautiful Briny

Beautiful Briny, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Yep its blue. A bit like I'm feeling today. Took myself of to Southport for a couple of hours. Walked along the pier boy was it windy. Certainly blew the cobwebs away.

Amalfi coast

Amalfi coast, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

This one reminds me of being on a remote Island far away from anywhere. Where the sea is green the sands are golden and you only have to click your fingers for your next margarita. LOL I wish - happy dreaming.

forest floor

forest floor, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

A mixture of rich and earthy autumn colours.


multi coloured ring

multi coloured ring, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Aaaaannnnnd another one but this time with smaller sized beads so the loops are smaller.. This one to has 259 beads sewn onto it - yep glutton for punishment. The end result is amazing so worth the struggle to attach the base of the ring.

37 holes and 259 beads later

37 holes and 259 beads later, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Here is another sieve ring. It has exactly 259 beads sewn onto it. How do I know this I hear you ask. Well there are 37 holes and each hole has 7 beads stitched into it - 3 red 1 blue 3 red. will I be making anymore well lets just say I won't be sitting here making hundreds of them. I had more trouble attaching the ring base that I nearly pulled it apart. Glad that I didn't though as it looks amazing on. I used size 8 matsuno seed beads for this ring.


Turquoise Ring

Turquoise Ring, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

This ones made with small chips of turquoise with pearl grey seed beads. Its not as big as the black agate but just as nice. This one measures approx 3/4 inch in diameter.

Black Agate Ring

Black Agate Ring, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Gotta love this ring. It has 37 4mm round agates with silver matsuno size 11 seed beads.

I've had these sieve rings for I don't know how long. i found them today while rummaging through one of my boxes looking for something completely different. I bought them while shopping and you know how you pick things up to make up "some" day and that day never comes well today was the day for them to be made up. I think this one looks pretty cool. Its just over an inch long in diameter.

I think I feel a ring making session coming on.


Organic Quad beads by Kaz from CheekyCherubDesigns

Its amazing how different these beads look when paired with different colours.

The ones with the black semi precious buttons are teamed up with copper swarovski pearls and the one with the orange/tan coloured buttons are teamed up with lovely champagne coloured swarovski crystals.

See more beauties here www.cheekycherubdesigns.co.uk

Lampwork Beads by Diane C

Lampwork Beads by Diane C, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

The end 2 earrings are teamed up with 4mm black agate one also has silver bali spacer beads.

The middle pair with Iron Pyrite and silver bali spacer beads.


Custom designed for Stacey

Custom designed for Stacey, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Matching earrings. Simple and elegant.

custom order for Stacey

custom order for Stacey, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Ok so here are the pics of the real thing. I've made 2 vines one slightly smaller than the other because she's not sure how far down her head she wanted the vine to go. I've used the Xillion Swarovski AB crystals 6mm and 4mm with a smattering of some 3mm pearls and 6mm light opal with sterling silver wire.

Hair vines

Hair vines , originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I made these as practice pieces. I've been asked to make some kind of hair accessorie for one of the girls at my hairdressers. She gets married at the end of August. Talk about leaving it to late. She'd originally decided that she didn't want anything in her hair but changed her mind a few weeks ago. These were a couple of the samples I made for her to give her an idea of what a hair vine was.

Jaipur Jems

Jaipur Jems, originally uploaded by itsamistry.