Summer of Colour 2015 Week 3

The colours for week 3 of SOC5 are 2 purples and 1 yellow.  I have to admit this isn't my favourite combination of colours because when applied over each other while wet will create mud - or at least that's been my experience in the past.    I did find a solution to this - if you seal either of the colours before painting over the top it will stop this from happening - I use a matt medium by Daler-Rowney.  

I promise I've only used one shade of yellow however when applied over the purple background it comes up darker than it does on white (stars in the middle of the heart).

Well here it is this weeks heart canvas in 2 shades of purple and one yellow.

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Summer Of Colour 2015 Week 1 & 2

Last week saw the start of the Summer of colour challenge over at Twinkle, Twinkle blog.  Every week for the next 6 weeks the challenge is to use only the specified colours in our artwork.  Last week the colours we could use were 2 shades of blue and one of green - our choice of shade.  This week we have 2 pinks and one orange.  Last year I made random designs using the colours however this year I've decided to make a collection of 5 x 8 wrapped canvases using hearts and butterflies as the main design.

Week 1 - 2 blues 1 green (I still need to add some text)

"Be Fearless" Week 2 - 2 pinks 1 orange

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