What Will You Do In 2013?

As 2013 approaches people the social networks have been asking about New Years resolutions.  I don't make resolutions instead I make a list of things I want to achieve.  It can be anything from reading certain books, going to the movies, theatre etc.

Here is my list - not in any particular order (I'll probably add to this list along the way)

1.Create a vision board
2. Read more business related books and utilise the information from them.
3. Go to the theatre - I love seeing live performances.
4. Read books for pleasure -not done enough of that in 2012
5. Make time for ME - I seem to have worked most of 2012 
6. Update my Etsy shop more regularly with all my work
7. Blog more - I seem to have been rather poor at blogging this year.
8. Get out and network and be more pro-active - meet new people- see new places

So what will you be doing in 2013?  Please feel free to leave a comment I would love to know what you have planned.

My wish for everyone is to have a healthy and happy 2013 - Happy New Year!!