charmed I'm sure 3

charmed I'm sure 3, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Charms ready to be mailed to the host of the swap


charmed I'm sure 1

charmed I'm sure 1, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

For the charm swap at ATCsforAll - first one is a tubular herringbone bead the next 3 are peyote stitch and the circular one is spiral rope

charmed I'm sure 2

charmed I'm sure 2, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I've been wanting to make these for sometime but have never found the time. So when I joined up for this swap I thought what better opportunity than to do them now. They are really easy to make.

I'm also thinking of adding them as part of my cake jewellery collection.

Copper wire leaf shapes with bead embellishment. These are made for a charm swap on ATCsforAll (http://www.atcsforall.com/index.php)


custom order for Karen

custom order for Karen, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

another of my party rings this tine in shades of pink, purple and aqua,

Christmas Cupcake Topper

Christmas Cupcake Topper, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

One of my friends makes cupcakes and wedding cakes and she recently commisioned me to make her some cake jewellery for a new wedding range that she was launching (pics to come when the cake has been launched this weekend). http://www.angelcakesbyvirginiavalentine.co.uk/ & http://www.cupcakefever.co.uk/

Anyway in the meantime I was messing about with some wire and beads like you do and came up with this for chrismas cupcakes.

i've got a few more ideas on cake jewellery and hopefully should have some samples made soon.

Diwali Cards 2009

Diwali Cards 2009, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

I made these cards to send out at Diwali (hindu festival of light), They are prints of my art work. I've added sequins and gems to give them a little bit of sparkle.


Winter Wonderland

Winter Wonderland, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

This one is for my bridal collection. There is a mix of very delicate pinks and lilacs which is suitable for either the bride or the bridesmaids.


Can you believe out of nearly 80+ photographs I'm only happy with this? I'm going to have to retake the others again.  I don't know what you think  I love the texture on these large agate beads.


Oohhh I made the front page

I've just found out that I have been chosen as the featured artist on ATCsforAll http://www.atcsforall.com/index.php. I was wondering why Jean emailed me with these weird questions - now I know. Oh and before you ask - I did ask why she wanted to know I got told I would have to wait a few days to find out.

Jean is also on the front page (woot) 'staff member of the month' way to go Jean.

My wanderluster friends are also on the front page The AFA Monthly Contests winner was The Muppet and Dhawktx has her Zenshroom ATC published.