WOYWW 312 and 6 Year Anniversary

WOW how time flies.  I have to say I have only participated in WOYWW the last couple of years but those years have been fun and I've made some good friends and have been privileged to see what has been created on them.

I think Julia who instigated the What's on your work desk Wednesday blog hops has done an amazing job in gathering a bunch of artists together who would otherwise not have met.  The internet is great isn't it?  So why not pop on over to Julia's blog the Stamping Ground and see what I mean about connecting to artists from all over the world.

In the meantime I'd like to say a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who visits my little blog world and leaves a comment or two or if you just happen to pass through.

Not much going on on my desk.  I bought these lovely ceramic beads from a facebook friend who was doing a destash and I'm trying to decide what to make with them.  I know there will be several pieces made but that's as far as I've got.  I may use copper or brass wire with them - what do you think?


100 Happy Days Challenge Update

Here are some of the pictures taken since I started the challenge.


100 Happy Days - Dress

This is the dress I should have worn on Saturday for my friends birthday party but I didn't get time to finish it on time. I finally managed to finished it this evening after work. Needs a good press but at least it's made. ‪#‎100happydays‬ 10

This is the pattern I used.


Day 8 of 100 Happy Days Swirls and Twirls

I love the design and scroll work of this gate. It's on a building across from the gym that I go to. I'm not sure what the building used to be or what it's used for now but I think the gates are quite old and in keeping with the brick work.‪#‎100happydays‬


Tweet Tweet - Day 7 of 100 Happy Days

I've just been sorting out some of the greeting cards that I have and I found this one little birdie card all on his lonesome.  I made and sold quite a few before Christmas.  I had so much fun making them and each one was different in colour and design.  I wonder if anyone will claim him and give him a new home?  



100 Happy Days Day 6 Rainbow

What a miserable wet and windy day it's been today.  It's been more like winter than nearly summer.  I'm waiting for this heat wave which is supposed to hit the UK.  But among all the dreary weather I spotted a lovely rainbow while I was driving home and I had to stop and take a picture.  #100happdays


100 Happy Days - Day 5

I started sewing my dress together today.  Not sure what possessed me to buy silk material other than that is all the fabric store had with spots.  So anyway I've only the sleeves to go in.  I'll see what it looks like once I have them in and then decide whether to wear it on Saturday or not.  Why?  well lets just say the fit is comfortable and so long as I don't breathe or eat or sit I should be fine hahaha.

What is 100 Happy Days Challenge? You can find all the details here.


100 Happy Days Challenge Day 4

Who needs chocolate when you have cheese?  I love cheese and would choose it over any sweet dessert.  I bought this goats cheese from one of the regular stall holders at Altrincham market.  I also bought a creamy cheese wrapped in thistle leaves but I'll post that on another day.  In the meantime here is my plate of rather gooey goats cheese and poppy seed crackers.  #100happydays 

What is 100 Happy Days Challenge? You can find all the details here.


100 Happy Days Challenge Day #3

What is 100 Happy Days Challenge? You can find all the details here.

Day 3 seeing spots - silk material to make a dress for a birthday party where the theme is heroes and villains.  I'm aiming for the darker skinned Cruella from 101 Dalmatians haha we'll see how that one works.  The black and white spotted material will be the top half of the dress while the black on black will be the skirt part.  I have a week to make it - pics to follow if it works.  If not I'll be heading for the back-up plan of wearing a sari and going as a Bollywood heroine.



100 Happy Days Challenge Day #2

What is 100 Happy Days Challenge? You can find all the details here.

I received this lovely hand painted canvas from my swap partner over at Community Thrive.  

This is what I sent