Sarah & Ian's Wedding 27th May 2010

When Sarah and I first met for her consultation she told me that she was not a "girly" girl and wanted me to design something that was subtle and would co-ordinate with the colour of the crystals that were on her dress.
After looking through some of the jewellery that I had made previously and drawing some sketches to alter the designs so that they were more in line with what Sarah felt comfortable with I made up a mock design so show her at our next meeting.  We made a few alterations to the sample piece and after approval I made up the actual piece using Swarovski crystals for Sarah's jewellery and Fire-Polish Czech crystals for the bridesmaids.

Sarah on her wedding day wearing the jewellery that was made especially for her using a mix of turquoise Swarovski bi cone crystals for her hair comb, necklace and earrings.  

This is one of the bridesmaids -their hair vines were made with Fire-polish Czech crystals -they co-ordinated with the colours of Sarah's  jewellery.


Man Stuff

I am venturing into unknown territory here, as I have never made any kind of men’s jewellery. I have been told numerous times by the men accompanying the wives/girlfriends at craft fairs that they feel left out because the jewellery stands only cater to women.

So to that end I have made a necklace by collaborating with a UK Lampworking artist Jeanette who has made me a glass “sharks tooth”. The results as you can see in the photographs are very realistic.

This is 1 of 2 necklaces. I’ve kept the first one quite simple by threading the “tooth” onto a double strand of cotton thong and adding copper spacer beads to compliment the colour of the “tooth”.   The second one I have added copper wire work around the top of the tooth to give it a bit more texture. 

The “tooth” measures approx 5cm in length and 1cm in diameter.

 Shark tooth made by Jeanette Fletcher  www.jeanetteslampworkbeads.com


Sonia J Jewellery

Jewellery is very personal and in todays market there is a very diverse and eclectic mix of people creating a wide range of jewellery from beading to wire-work to silver/goldsmithing for you to choose from.

So in the next few weeks I am going to feature different artists and their work.  As you know I design and make jewellery but there are so many other jewellery designers who's work I admire that I just have to share their work with you.

Today I am going to show you some of Sonias work. 

Sonia is a Jewellery Designer based in Staffordshire, England specialising in personally handmade silver jewellery.  She creates individual pieces of jewellery in sterling silver and swarovski crystals, semi-precious stones, gemstones, pearls and other materials.  

Sonias passion for handmade jewellery came from a love of all things beautiful and sparkly.  Sonia became increasingly frustrated at mass produced items on the high street and so decided to do something about it and enrolled on a silversmithing and jewellery course.  It's fair to say she has never looked back!

Sonias inspiration comes from a number of sources, some of them very unlikely, and very often in the middle of the night or on her way to a meeting.

Solid sterling silver heavy bangle with "ball" ends and a  hand sawn daisy.

Jasper pendant hand wrapped in sterling silver to a unique design with integral bail.

Sterling Silver "Hearts"   Handcrafted matching earring and pendant set.  The hearts are gently curved and have different hammered textures on each side.

To see more of Sonias lovely work why not pop over to her website and see for yourself.