Sarah & Ian's Wedding 27th May 2010

When Sarah and I first met for her consultation she told me that she was not a "girly" girl and wanted me to design something that was subtle and would co-ordinate with the colour of the crystals that were on her dress.
After looking through some of the jewellery that I had made previously and drawing some sketches to alter the designs so that they were more in line with what Sarah felt comfortable with I made up a mock design so show her at our next meeting.  We made a few alterations to the sample piece and after approval I made up the actual piece using Swarovski crystals for Sarah's jewellery and Fire-Polish Czech crystals for the bridesmaids.

Sarah on her wedding day wearing the jewellery that was made especially for her using a mix of turquoise Swarovski bi cone crystals for her hair comb, necklace and earrings.  

This is one of the bridesmaids -their hair vines were made with Fire-polish Czech crystals -they co-ordinated with the colours of Sarah's  jewellery.


MaryL said...

These are just soooo beautiful!! Congratulations to your daughter and her new husband!! (She may not think she's a girly-girl...but she pulled it off beautifully on her special day :)))

itsamistry said...

Thanks Mary but Sarah is my friends daughter not mine :)