Man Stuff

I am venturing into unknown territory here, as I have never made any kind of men’s jewellery. I have been told numerous times by the men accompanying the wives/girlfriends at craft fairs that they feel left out because the jewellery stands only cater to women.

So to that end I have made a necklace by collaborating with a UK Lampworking artist Jeanette who has made me a glass “sharks tooth”. The results as you can see in the photographs are very realistic.

This is 1 of 2 necklaces. I’ve kept the first one quite simple by threading the “tooth” onto a double strand of cotton thong and adding copper spacer beads to compliment the colour of the “tooth”.   The second one I have added copper wire work around the top of the tooth to give it a bit more texture. 

The “tooth” measures approx 5cm in length and 1cm in diameter.

 Shark tooth made by Jeanette Fletcher  www.jeanetteslampworkbeads.com


Little Harriet said...

I like it alot! I never have any idea when it comes to making something for men, they are awkward! hehe


itsamistry said...

Hi @Little Harriet

Thank you for popping over to leave your comment it's much appreciated.

Yes it is difficult knowing what to make and to make it look like it's meant to be for a man. It's hard when all you want to do is use sparkle on it.


MaryL said...

I think those look really good and very 'manly'... My husband wears a bone carved 'fish hook' design and this piece easily falls into that category... and my husband is a real 'manly man'... so its definitely guy material! :)))

itsamistry said...

Thanks Mary :) The "sharks tooth" is definately a man size bead.

uhooi said...

It works good and creative,,


itsamistry said...

@uhooi thank you the wirewrapped tooth sold out within a couple of days being displayed in the shop.