Spiral Rope Bracelet -Workshop/Classes

Spiral Rope, originally uploaded by itsamistry.

Jewellery making is fast becoming an extremely popular pastime as more people are discovering the joy and therapeutic value of handcrafting their own unique pieces. My classes are small (maximum of 6 to 8 people) which means that you receive plenty of attention. You'll be amazed at how much you can achieve in just one day in my studio. Whether you wish to make unique pieces of jewellery for yourself or for loved ones my classes will be tailored to your particular needs.

Spiral Rope Bracelet

This is a really easy stitch to start with and is a favourite with beginners. It is a versatile stitch when done in different combinations and bead sizes it ensures individuality every time.

Level Beginner
Duration 2 - 3 hours
Cost £25.00 (includes materials)
Thursday 22 April 11am to 1pm
Saturday 24 April 11am to 1pm

For further details visit my website http://www.itsamistrydesignstudio.com/jewelleryworkshops.htm

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