Halloween Costume - Corpse Bride

Today I've been doing my auntie duties and making my niece a halloween costume in the style of the Corpse Bride.  Having traipsed around the local market and not finding anything that was suitable we decided to go ahead and make the dress instead.  First thing to do was dye the fabric to a similar blue that is shown in the film -we or should I say I did this by mixing turquoise and ultramarine brusho powder paint in some cold water.  This was a total experiment as they're not meant to be used as fabric paint but this was the more economical way of colouring the fabric and I'm happy to say it worked.  Not sure the colour will stay if washed but as this is only going to be worn for a few hours I can't see it being a problem.  

Next step cutting out the pattern - well there is no pattern so I had to adhoc it using one of my nieces dress as a template for size.

Then onto sewing and fitting - after a few nips and tucks dress is ready to wear...but hang on it looks too plain.  Okay so we (that is I) have some skeletons in my little magic box - so we take them apart limb by limb - team effort here by auntie and niece.  

Next - they're going to look lost on their own.............okay bright spark..........lets make a bone stencil and add some along the border and waist of the dress.  Out comes silver acrylic and black paint.  Bones stenciled next step........................that's tomorrows post.

Decapitated skeleton

Sewing begins

All made up

Stenciling begins

Nearly there

Checking to see how the decapitated skeleton parts look on the dress.

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Carie said...

Wow that looks like it's going to be a fantastic costume when it's finished!

Jenny Cole said...

Fantastic costume! I wish I could knock up a costume like that! Well done hon xx

Picto said...

Love it, it's great that we 'crafters' have a magic box filled with all sorts of weird and wonderful things, I must admit to having a skeleton in mine too :)
Jan x

Lucy Blossom said...

That's going to be an amazing costume and unique too - its amazing how many random crafty bits we keep for use some day.

Wendy said...

Fabulous Anita! Hope she's had a very happy and fun Halloween (and you too, of course!) x