July Giveaway


The winner was picked at random by my friend
Verna this evening.  I will post pictures tomorrow.
 I guess it's time I put my money where my mouth is as the saying goes. 
I posted on many of the social networks that once I had reached 
500 followers on my facebook page
I would giveaway a prize.   
I have to say I am rather overwhelmed with how many followers
I have on facebook, twitter and here on my blog 

So what am I giving away and what do you have to do?

It's simple - all you have to do is pop on over to the blog page on my website
and leave a comment - see simple.

If you wish to you may leave a comment on here or on my facebook page to be entered into the prize draw.
Here is what you can win - a gorgeous pair of Swarovski Pearl Earrings.

 The winner will be picked at random on Friday 15th July 2011



Tassie said...

I would love to win those pretty pearl earrings!

iAMmotherhood at gmail dot com

Nikky said...

Sooo pretty but dont put me in the drawer my earholes sealed up many moons ago :( good luck to whoever wins them tho! xx

Melanie Gardner said...

Those are so pretty. Anita, if you aren't raking it in soon, you just aren't talking to the right people.

Leave Nicki in the drawing. She'll be glad if she wins. ;)

itsamistry said...

Thanks for entering ladies and yes Mel I will be leaving Nikky in the draw it's only fair and if she wins she can always give them to someone who can wear them.

Good luck to you all.


Els said...

Nita, you always make the prettiest sparklies! And as an old crow, I do lub dem sparklies...

Kitzbitz Art Glass said...

Hi Anita, fab giveaway, may I pop my name on your list? Jo x

itsamistry said...

Hey Els you aint no old crow you're one beautiful lady and a very good friend.

Jo of course you may.

Nan xxx said...

Those earrings are gorgeous, you are very talented designer and very lovely to offer them away. I would love to be entered in the draw please.


itsamistry said...

Nan you're in - good luck :)

EmmaT said...

These are lovely earrings, would love to win them. Saw you on Wendy's blog Handmade Monday links. (I'm over at http://yarnhillcrafts.blogspot.com

uhooi said...

Wow,, It works great and beautiful,,,


inkydoodlecrafts said...

Hi Anita, they are stunning and I would love to throw my name in to the mix :o) Mel xx

itsamistry said...

Welcome and good luck EmmaT, uhooi & inkydoodlecrafts

Pom in Oz said...

Love them Anita

Els said...

Well I am dumbfounded at winning something and THRILLED my win was here with you and your lovely jewels! Just amazing on both counts. I shall be blogging about this, and hopefully that will win you even MORE customers!