Handmade Monday #24

Another Monday and it's time for Handmade Monday hosted by the lovely Wendy from 1stUniqueGifts.  It's also Wendy's birthday so this makes an it extra special day for her and her hubby who also shares his birthday today.
Happy Birthday to you both hope you have a fab day.

I started a 30 day challenge after watching this YouTube video which was posted on facebook by one of my contacts.  

What's my challenge?  To take a photograph of one piece of jewellery for the next 30 days and list it on my etsy shop - today is day 6 (I still need to take today's pics later on).  I have also started an album on my flickr account and now that I have announced it to the world on twitter and facebook I have no excuse to not keep it up.

Here are a couple from the last couple of days 

Available to buy from my Etsy shop  

I've also been making more cards and really enjoying it.

I have no idea who this set of stamps is made by- I've only got pic of the images.

A sneak peek at an Indian wedding card that I have been asked to make.

Now that you've seen my makes why not pop on over to 1stUniqueGifts and see what
all the other creative people have been busy making.

Hope you all have a creative and happy week.


Wendy said...

Aww, thanks for the lovely mention and birthday wishes, Anita.
Your challenge sounds a really good one to do - I once did a month of blogging every day (which is surprisingly useful for upping visitor numbers!) - I think I missed 2 days. It's good to set challenges for ourselves and you've got me thinking now about another one for myself!
Love your cards, btw! x

Ali said...

Lovely colours in those pieces of jewellery (especially like the second batch)

That Wedding card looks like it could be amazing - can't wait to see the finished article.

Ali x

Aviya Glass said...

What a challenge but it will be a great result too! I love the top picture such a delicate and pretty colour! Already said on FB I love that card, very pretty.

fatmonica said...

Lovely jewellery-they're all gorgeous!

dreamstar said...

Good luck with your challenge. I joined the folksy listing club in May and June but never managed the challenge to list every day. Love the green jewellery.

Kazies Magical Designs said...

good luck with the rest of your challenge look forward to next weeks pictures xx

Carolee Crafts said...

Your creations are beautiful and well done for the 30 day challenge, not sure I could do that as tend to create in spurts. Keep it up.