Birthday Present For A Friend & Handmade Monday #27

What a busy week it's been with meetings with new clients, new web designer and an interview on Redshift Radio (see previous post) oh and it was my dads birthday.  

So with all this going on I didn't have much time in the week to make my friends birthday present -it's her birthday today (1st Aug).  I wasn't sure whether to buy her the usual wine and flowers or a piece of jewellery.  A few years ago I gave her vouchers for Christmas and made a gift holder out of card to present it in.  It seems she kept the pocket and has been using it to hold her bits of papers etc for when she goes shopping.  We met up a few weeks ago and she showed me the now tattered pocket and asked if I'd make her another one.  So this gave me the idea of making her a fabric purse to put her vouchers and notes in for her birthday.

Here is what I made her - fabric purse with hidden button closure, handmade card and because I'd forgotten to buy wrapping paper and couldn't find the gift bags I used some brown paper to wrap it all in.  I think the package looks quite neat and was really pleased with the way it turned out.  It's amazing what you can do with a bit of ribbon and lace.

Oh and in-case you're wondering she has already had her present today (Sunday)
She had a little gathering at her house and we all enjoyed some Pimms and had a lovely buffet and for dessert there was chocolate covered marshmallows, trifle and a baked raspberry cheesecake. Then we had a game of Family Fortunes to end the afternoon.

If you've enjoyed reading my little post and would like to see what other crafters have been making then why not pop over to Wendy's blog and click on the links.



fatmonica said...

It's a lovely gift.I'm sure she'll love it.

Kazies Magical Designs said...

great idea to do it in fabric she obviously uses it alot so it will be a lot more sturdy now xxx

Wendy said...

A lovely thoughtful gift and you know she'll love it! Love the brown paper with lace! x

itsamistry said...

Thank you -

She's already opened the presents yesterday while we were there and yes the fabric one will last longer. I was really pleased with the wrapping to.

Ros Made Me said...

What a delightful way to package up your gift... bet she will be using that little wallet for quite some time.

The Seat Bottomer said...

What a lovely present, so thoughtful. I know I'd love it if it was given to me for my birthday!

Caroline Nash said...

I love handmade gifts and cards, so much thought has gone into them and am not surprised your friend loved hers.

Picto said...

It's a great present, useful and pretty too.

Pimms and marshmallows.... MMmmmmmm

Jan x

Your Friend Susie said...

Wow, that's beautiful! What a thoughtful present. :)

Ali said...

Lovely present - how wonderful to receive something so useful. I am sure she loved it.

Ali x

dreamstar said...

Handmade is always best as a gift and i agree the lace and ribbon made the package look lovely too.
Sounds like a very sophisticated gathering with pimms, and how good is family fortunes to get the fun going. We love playing it.

Little Harriet said...

what a lovely gift :)