Day 22 of 30 Day Challenge

I can't believe I'm already onto day 22 of my 30 day challenge the days seem to have flown by.   It's been good having set myself a challenge otherwise I would still be waiting for tomorrow to arrive and my Etsy shop would still be fairly empty.  

I haven't uploaded the recent makes to Etsy as they are going to be shown to Annabel who runs Eco Chic Boutique in Boughton Chester.  Annabel has been selling some of my jewellery in her lovely little shop where she also sells the most gorgeous dresses and outfits which can be made to order as a bespoke/customised piece.

Here are a couple of the newer items I've made this week -

I also made these customised White Swarovski Pearl Crysal & Crystal AB earrings for a friend of mine.  She saw one of her friends daughters wearing something similar at a party and wanted me to make her something along that line.  My photography doesn't do them justice.

So the next challenge is to come up with another challenge - any ideas welcome - please feel free to leave your suggestions here.


Wendy said...

Your photography outshines mine every day of the week Anita, and the jewellery looks exquisite, as usual!

As for another challenge, what about a blog post a day for a month?

itsamistry said...

Thanks Wendy:) If you ever need a photographer......:)

That's a really good idea a blog a day -sounds good.