Blog Dedicated to Weddings

Hello just a very quick blog today to let you know that I now have a blog that is dedicated to all things wedding.  Not just my jewellery and accessories but things that I have come across on the web.  I want to show things which are unique like today's post which is all about Skull wedding toppers - although they can be used just as home decorations if you wanted.  Here is a link to the new website hope you will come and join me over there to - Itsamistry Wedding Designs

Aren't they just fantastic?



vickyspretties said...

I love your work! By any chance did you go to Manchester Met uni on the clothing Design course 2005-2009? Your name seems very familiar!
Vicky xxx

itsamistry said...

Hello Vicky not me I'm afraid. You may have seen me at craft fairs and on the Manchester craft mafia facebook page and twitter.


Picto said...

Hi Anita, I have a little gift for you over on my blog.

Jan x