Desk Sharing and Happy Feet 2

Thursday started with the arrival of my 6 year old date- namely my gorgeous niece :)  She's such a bubbly and happy little girl (99.9% of the time).  Our day started of with her coming up  to my workroom where she shared half my work desk with her colouring books.  As she got stuck into doing some colouring I started drawing of a heart with wings.  I'd found some doodles I'd made from when I was making the Sacred Heart ATCs.  As I was drawing I could see little eyes peering over to see what I was doing and promptly a little voice asked if she could have a go and being the lovely aunt that I am I gave here some paper and a stencil with some hearts on it - I always encourage her to create freely and without making any suggestions unless asked and as you can see from the pictures she really enjoyed her making her heart with wings. After she had  finished she cut it out and made it into a finger puppet - I wish I'd taken an photo of the heart because she really did do a fantastic job.
The middle picture shows my card.  I have to add that I have removed the head and the lines under the heart and wings as they just didn't sit correctly.  I still have to finish mine but it can wait.
The Happy Feet 2 refers to what we did in the afternoon - trip to the cinema to watch it in 3D.  We thought we were going to be only ones in the theatre but as it happens a few more people did turn up.  We both enjoyed it and had great fun trying to pop the bubbles at the end and yes I know they weren't real.  I'm sure the other people in there must have thought we were both a little crazy but hey it was fun to laugh and giggle with a 6 year old.

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