Self Portrait - Challenge

Have you ever been thrown out of your comfort zone?  Well that's exactly what happened to me when one of the travelling journals arrived and the theme was self-portraits.  Now those who know me know that I don't do "realistic" work.  It took me a couple of weeks of procrastination and nerves to pick up the journal and just get it done.  I chose a photograph that was taken by Martha from Ayala Art  - Martha came all they way up to San Diego to meet me when I was over there in February.  It was so lovely to actually meet her in person at long last.  

So here is what I did and I'm going to congratulate myself of achieving a not too bad selfie painting (I hope never to do another one too soon haha).

Martha and I in San Diego

Image on the left has been edited from the photo above

The final image.


Mellowood Gallery said...

Very good job for something so out of your comfort zone - well done!

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

You did great, Anita! It totally looks like you, but in an artsy way! Love the colours in it!

Carmen said...

Really love this Anita - you captured yourself so well.