Catching Up ......

Being ill is not fun especially if you've been bedridden for 2 whole days and not being able to think about or do any art.  I didn't even have the energy to pick up a book to read.  Thankfully I'm over the worst and getting back into creating art and catching up on my challenges.  I was hoping to have had a head start with the artwork as I'm heading over to the USA in 10 days...........yikes 10 days and I've not even gathered all my things that I need to take out there.  I do have a list.......its a very looonnngg list.

Anyway here are some of the pieces I've worked on in the last couple of days.  Luckily they can be crossed over onto each challenge.  

Small canvas I need more practice on textured backgrounds.

Journal page using 3 stencils - prompt at Wonderstrange for the 50 Canvases challenge set up by the lovely Sarah (aka themuppet).  
They made me join in hahahaha.

Journal page using the prompt Up Up and Away - this is a facebook group and the challenge is to create 52 journal pages - journal52 it's a closed group but the link is for the blog page.

I found these artist trading cards while I was looking for something else and thought they would be a great addition to my signature cards for taking to Arizona - a time saver considering I've only got 10 day before I fly out.

A couple of backgrounds with lots of texture and design - not sure what I'll be doing with these yet.  I have an idea for the first one but will see how it develops.

Lastly this is a wedding album I'm making for a very special couple and I'll be hand delivering it (providing I get it finished on time).  
The cover is Nottingham lace over shantung silk.  I'll post pics of the finished album after it's finished and delivered.

Phew so that's me all caught up......I think.

I'm linking up with the following blogs and challenges.
Gritty Janes 40 Portraits (facebook open group)


Poppy Kitten said...

Have a lovely time in Arizona. I am very jealous xxx

Sarah Trumpp said...

WOOO girl you have been busy!!! I am so happy you're playing along with my challenge! Your paintings are adorable (almost as adorable as youuuuuuuu)

itsamistry said...

Awww Sarah I love your awesomeness to :)

Thanks Poppy Kitten I can't wait so excited.

Anonymous said...

lovely artwork, ever so cute too

Clairejustine oxox said...

Aww I hope you are feeling much better now? great artwork, you are so talented :) thanks for sharing at Creative Monday..

Lucy Blossom said...

I hope you're feeling better now. I love your artist trading cards - they are totally stunning.

itsamistry said...

Thank you ladies feeling much better now.

CPC Wedding Stationery said...

I am sorry you have been poorly anita, and hope you are feeling much better now. Hope you enjoy Arizona. Hope you have a good week.

Jill, Christmas Pie Crafts