Happy 2014!!!! New Goals and Challenges.

Happy New Year everyone.  Hope you've had a good start to the new year and suffering too much from a fuzzy head.

So as the new year begins everyone makes resolutions to lose weight, eat healthy, exercise more etc etc.  But these are the common things what about really challenging yourself or setting goals? 

My challenges/goal for 2014 so far are - 
- to try and read at least 52 books (yep one a week may not happen but that's the challenge), you can find the facebook page here if you fancy joining in.

- finish the 40 portraits challenge (there is no time limit on this one)

- the 29 faces challenge starts again in February -1 face each day

- make space by using up all the fabric and wool I have in my collection

Another challenge I signed up for (early this morning haha) is 30 Paintings in 30 Days - I'm not sure how I'll do with this one as I'll be heading off to the USA in a couple of weeks - I may have to get some made in advance.

My first painting for the 30 paintings in 30 days is a mixed media Artist Trading Card (ATC) it measures 2.5 x 3.5 inches.  

So there we go the start of my New Year.

Happy New Year


fantasy firebird said...

You are certainly setting yourself a few goals, i am still working on my last years attempt to use up existing paper stashes so i wish you luck using your material and wool.
Jealous of your america visit, i know you will have a great time and the time over there will fly by far too fast.
Finally all the best for 2014 may it be a creative and prosperous one for you.

Colette B said...

Wow what a lot of challenges! I hope you've got time!

Cindy D. said...

Hooray Anita, for the first day of the challenge! The tree is neat!

Oh So Gawjess said...

I love the 52 books one! I've signed up!


Helen Campbell said...

Love your tree, Anita!
I usually read at least one book per week, so may join the 52 books challenge. Off to check it out!

darlene said...

Love those pink flowers!

You have quite a list of goals but all of them are great.

itsamistry said...

Thanks ladies it's going to be a busy year and I'm sure more will get added as the year progresses.

Jessica said...

Thats such a beautiful piece! Well done.


Lily Kitten said...

Good luck with your challenges for 2014!


arash mazinani said...

You certainly have listed lots of goals the main thing is to make them achievable. 52 books in a year is certainly a lot! But if you think it's something you can achieve then go for it. I have a tendency to forget what I read in books. So I'm going to do the opposite and stick to a few books for the year but re-read each of them so the messages and themes really sink in.