I'm Home!!!!

Hello Lovelies I'm back from the USA.  I can't believe how quickly the 8 days went.  I had so much fun out there visiting with my friends in Newport Beach CA first and then onto Arizona for the Artzona weekend which consisted of a total of 40 artists..........heaven.  I'm not impressed with our weather in the UK the cold and wet damp weather isn't for me.  BUT here I am until my next trip which may be not too far away - fingers crossed for August in Rochester NY with another group of artists.

So I'm keeping this post short and sweet to get me back into blogging again - I seem to lose the edge when I've been away for a while.

Here are a few pics from my travels - enjoy.

All artists together

Our dedicated art room

That's all for now I'll post more later on - I only took just over 200 pics!!


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Oh So Gawjess said...

Welcome back! xXx