Whimsical Landscapes & Day 7 of #AEDM

Thursdays are late start days at work so this morning before leaving for work I started a couple of whimsical landscapes.  I'm taking part in a daily drawing group on ATCsforAll  and this weeks challenge was whimsical landscapes. Now I can draw a hill and something on it but getting the dimensions correct on multiple hills/mountains is something I struggle with.  After some trawling through google images to get an idea of how other artists were placing their elements I made a start with these 2 drawings.  Bare in mind these are still work in progress and will change as I complete it.  

I also altered the mouth on the drawing from yesterday and took away the design on the dress.  I think it looks much better this way and think I will leave it as it is.  What do you think?

I'm popping over to Art Every Day Month why not join me and see what everyone else has been busy creating.


Leah said...

These are great! I love the trees in your whimsical landscape.

moongirl said...

I think your doodles are fun and it's great that you manage to squeeze in time to do it. I am learning to do this as well and I love your whimsical style!

itsamistry said...

Thank you ladies :)