Lost Internet

Yesterday (23rd June) everything that could have gone wrong went wrong (that's how it felt)  It was like swimming against an invisible force. 

1. A nasty virus decided it was going to make itself at home on my netbook (I've been using it in place of the pc as the motherboard needed to be replaced).- they are both now nice and clean and fixed.
2. I had to get 2 new tyres replaced - all I'd gone in for was to get the windscreen wipers changed.
3. My phone went through a network exchange which meant I had to reset all the settings etc.
and to top it all off the garage door decided it had had enough and wouldn't open- have to wait for my dad to get that fixed - keeps him out of mischief :)

Don't you feel sometimes that these things are sent to test us?

What I didn't like yesterday was not having any access to the internet.  The loss of all online connections made me feel like I was in limbo all day.  Not that I would have been online all day yesterday as I had errands and meetings most of the day but just the thought of not having any internet access was very disconcerting.  It certainly brought home to me how much I rely on the internet to connect with my friends and colleagues and for work. 

It also made me realise that although we get information from the radio and televison nothing is as immediate as the internet especially twitter.

How do you cope with loss of the internet?  Do you feel as I do- lost?


Picto said...

I'd hate to be forced to be without the internet, my 'puter was damaged a while back and had to be rebuilt and it was awful to be without but I can go days without using it if I choose not to.
I'm the same with the car, I hate it if it's out of action, getting repaired or something but when it's all running fine I can quite happily not use it for days on end.

Jan x

Little Harriet said...

It's always the way- one thing goes wrong and a million other things follow!
Hope you are having a better day!


itsamistry said...

@picto I use the internet for business so if I can't get on I can't do any work.

It's different when you 'choose' not to do something at least its your choice.

@little Harriet - too true its like a dominoe effect lol. Today has been much better thank you,