Handmade Monday 22

I really have no idea where the days and weeks are going.  So here we are again another Monday and time for Handmade Monday where all the creative people link to each other via Wendy's Blog - Wendy started the Handmade Monday so that we could share our work with each other and to people visiting our blogs.  

My contribution this week is a card that I made for my neighbours son and daughter-in-law - they've just had a baby girl (they already have a little boy).  I've not seen the baby yet - they have their own home not too far from here.  

There are traditions in the hindu community where the new baby and mother aren't supposed to leave the house for 3 months (depends on the person these days) so I guess I will have to wait a while before I get to see her.  Oh and another tradition is that the babys aunt (fathers sister) will get to choose the babys name -although these days the names are suggested and the parents make the final choice. 

Well here is the card - It's made using my own template.  I've used watercolour paper and then painted with Derwent Inktense Pencils (my favourite by far).  I've threaded ribbon at the top and then punched out flowers from some scrapbook paper and added little gems to the centre of the flowers.  I normally make the dress as a stand alone so the card is joined at the shoulders but I didn't have time today.  I think it's turned out ok though.

If you've enjoyed reading my post please feel free to leave a message - I really appreciate the time people take to read the posts and to hear your thoughts would be good to.  Why not pop over to Wendy's blog and see what everyone else has been creating I'm sure you'll find something of interest.


Your Friend Susie said...

Very cute card. I find it amazing how beautiful the handmade cards are. Nice job. :)

Carolee Crafts said...

Love the card, you should get some templates done and sell them

Wendy said...

You've done a beautiful job with it - I have some of the Inktense pencils and love them too. Caroline's right, you could sell the templates. x

fatmonica said...

It's a beautiful card.Love the colour on the dress-I must check out those Derwent pencils!

itsamistry said...

Thank you Susie

@Caroline & @Wendy nice idea but wouldn't know where to start as the design is only a hand drawn template - will have a think - don't know if anyone would want to buy it and how much to charge? - thank you both for your ideas.

@Monica you should give them a go I love mine :)

Caroline Lovis said...

Lovely cards for a girl, not too cutesy if you know what I mean.

Mrs A. said...

This is really pretty. Love the little dresses. I like working with colour pencils too, especially the wtaer colour ones. Hugs Mrs A.