Junker Jane Style Artwork

I think I'm hooked on this style of work which is quite different to the style I usually go for.  I think the attraction is that anything goes and that it has a grungy "creepy cute" look.  I didn't know about the Junker Jane style of work until one of my friends from ATCsforAll started a swap and invited me to join.  To date I have made 7 ATC's and a paper (I used watercolour paper) art doll.  There is another trade happening as well on ATCsforAll which involves making cloth dolls in this style.  That is my weekend project.

These are the first 6 that I made.  4 are headed over for trading.  The 7th one isn't quite finished yet.

Artists Trading Cards.

Art doll.


Carmen said...

I've never even heard of Junker Jane style till I saw you post these on FB Anita! I love these and I love the idea of a cloth one. I think I need to sign up to ATC's for all... I think I had the page open for ages to do that when I saw some of your others and I can't remember if I did or not. I didn't realise they did other kinds of swaps too.

WOYWW has been great fun to rejoin this week, am loving being back in Blogland!

Carmen x

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

I do like that "creepy cute" style as well. These ATCs look great together - they're like flowers: they look nice individually, but they look even nicer in a bunch! Glad to see you still find some time to create, Anita!