Catch Up 29 Faces Art Challenge Day's 3 4 and 5

Quick post showing the faces for day 3 4 and 5.  Been a busy week with work so haven't had time to blog last few days.

Here goes - 

Day 3 - I'm not happy with this one as I messed up with the shading and the flowers look too flat.

Day 4 - This one is much nicer even if the colour is in grey tones.

Day 5 - what can I say lol this one turned out pants but never mind it was a quick sketch as you can see.

Find out more about the 29 faces challenge here


SusuPetal said...

Number four is great, light in her face is beautiful.
Oh, it would be so nice to wear flowers in hair, but it rains all the time here in Finland right now, so...no.

Turned out pants, not for me, thank you :D

Kikka Kainu-Lehto said...

I like Your style. You have fantastic faces on Your series.