Day 7 Face #7 for 29 Faces Art Challenge

Face #7 for the 29 Faces Art Challenge.  I took some time making this one as I wanted to see if I can draw and colour/shade her in correctly.  I don't think there are any hard and fast rules but I struggle with highlight and shadow so I looked online for some shading inspiration.  I obviously need more practice and try to erase the outlines so they don't show up as much.  But all in all I think she's turned out okay.  

I've added some punched flowers to the hem of her dress the background is stamped and then some pearl gems to finish her off.

You can see more artists work here.



Debbie said...

Cool background! Her serene face contrasts very nicely with it.

Mruna Mistry said...

I love the addition of pearls to this face! The face itself is really cute and the background is lovely and just perfect for it!
Great job!