My Party Dress

My goodness how time flies when you're having fun and busy.  It also seems to have gone very cold all of a sudden....................snow on the way?  Let's hope it's not as bad as last year.

This coming Saturday I am going to a Sole Traders Christmas party which has been organised by Shilpa Mistry (no not related lol) and is being held at the Indian Ocean Restaurant.  I could have a party for one but I guess that wouldn't be much fun now would it? or would it? :)  

Joking aside it's a great way to not only enjoy good food and drink but also to make new friends and acquaintance.  At last years party I met the lovely Deborah from Tiger Photography and we have since become very good friends.  

I've not had time to shop and to be honest I haven't seen anything which shouts out and says "buy me" and I certainly haven't had time to make anything.   Which put me on a mission to look through all my "going out" clothes - not that I go out much these days.  So having rummaged through my collection I have decided this year I am going to wear a dress I made quite a few years ago and which still fits.  It's a gorgeous deep wine colour and the over-dress is in grey with splashes of green, purple and deep red.  I've altered the original dress pattern so that it splits open in the front to show the dress underneath.  
I've taken some pictures today - not the best photography as you can see but you get the idea.

My Party Dress

I'm adding this to Wendy's handmade Monday blog even though it's not something I've made this week.  I'm sure Wendy won't mind me sharing something I've made previously.  If you have some spare time why not pop on over to Wendy's and see what everyone else has been up to.


Els said...

Lovely ethereal dress, but inquiring minds want to know what your jewelry selections will be! Pictures, please

Jam Dalory said...

The dress is really nice, bet you'll look great, have a nice time. x

MaryL said...

Love the look...would really love to see a pic of you in it at the party! :)

fatmonica said...

It's beautiful!


It's a lovely outfit, Anita, hope you had a good time

Kat Shenton said...

Have fun at the do! The outfit is lovely!

Picto said...

A lovely rich colour, have fun.
I'm with you on the 'no snow' front, I think we had enough last year.

Jan x

itsamistry said...

Thank you everyone.

Els Thank you. I haven't made any jewellery yet.

MaryL If I remember to take my camera I will get someone to take a photograph.