Knitting, Jewellery and Handmade Monday #47

Finally!! I can start making my Christmas presents for a couple of friends.  The last few weeks have been manic with making and sending out orders and making custom pieces for private clients.  I have to admit I tend to work much better under pressure -weird I know.

So for my presents I'm knitting a couple of my friends neck warmers - they seem to be the in thing at the moment.  Personally I don't like anything around my neck -feels claustrophobic.  I found 2 patterns that I liked the look of and didn't take too long to make.  One was from ravelry and the other was from Lynne's Pattern Parlour both of them are free for personal use and are very easy to make up.  It took me longer than an hour to make them but then I find that I can't knit quickly with large knitting needles and I guess I'm not a "proper" knitter:).

The blue one is the ravelry pattern and the purple one is from Lynne's Pattern Parlour.  The blue wool Aero by King Cole and the purple wool is Sirdar Big Softie - each has taken one ball of wool but you can use more if you wanted.  The flowers that you can see on each scarf are brooches that I'd made some time back and co-ordinate very well.

Last week I posted a photograph of the dress I was going to wear to the sole traders Christmas meal what I didn't have at the time was the jewellery that I was going to wear.  Well I managed to make a beaded necklace and a ring in grey/blue and matt red seed beads.

That's it from me for today.  If you would like to see more creativeness why not pop on over to Wendy's and see what the other creative people have been busy making.


FordieZo said...

What a spectacular ring and necklace!
Have a wonderful Christmas :)

Wendy said...

OMG Anita I cannot imagine the work that went into that jewellery! It's amazing.
BTW, I also work better under pressure - lots of it recently too. Only a few things (plus a large canvas) to make today.
Have a brilliant Christmas xx

Caroline Nash said...

I love the neck warmers but like you could not have them round my neck, too hot!

The necklace and ring are beautiful, exquisite.

Have a very Happy Christmas

Jam Dalory said...

That jewellery must have taken ages to make but it looks great. I'm not a proper knitter but i've had a go at a couple of very simple patterns from ravelry, there are some great patterns on there. The neck warmers look great and i'm sure they'll be well received. Merry Christmas. x


The necklace and ring are lovely - great colours. I like your neck warmers - very pretty and practical too. Like you I work better under pressure - clearly need deadlines to work too. Hope you have a good Christmas.

itsamistry said...

Aww thanks everyone. Getting the design to work is the hardest part. Hope you all have a great Christmas to.

Pickle Lily said...

Wow - love the neckwarmers and the flowers are great touch. Have a lovely Christmas.
Jo x

Picto said...

Your jewellery is beautiful (as always), love the colours.
I hope you have a brilliant Christmas and best wishes for a wonderful 2012

Jan x