Cut, Paint, Shrink, File & Seal

Another week over and it's getting colder each day - there was frost on the cars and rooftops this morning.  I don't like the cold in fact if I had my way I would quite happily go and live in India or any hot country until it warmed up here in the UK.  But for now I will have to make do with the warm company of my on-line friends and blog readers :).

So what do I have to offer you today?  Well sometime back I posted a picture of some new jewellery I had been working on and to date I have had some pretty amazing feedback and a couple of requests for purchase.  So with that in mind on today's "To Do" list was pricing up the new design starting with the bracelet.  

Here are some of the pieces I have made today in readiness to be made up into a bracelet. I will be adding some Czech crystals in coordinating colours along with some wire-work.  Excuse the poor quality photograph I took it while they were still drying and had the desk lamp shining down on them.  The true colour is more on the red side than orange.  I'll take another picture when I've made them all up.

I also painted this papier mache heart box.  I bought a few different shaped ones months ago but never got around to doing anything with them.  So today while I had the paints out it gave me the opportunity to get one made up.  I've used acrylic paint used straight from the tube (my favourite way). There are several layers on the lid to give it lots of texture.  The design is the same background stamp I have used for the above bracelet pieces and for the Christmas Card Trees I made in a previous post.  The base of the box is half red and half black again the pictures were taken at my work desk with the light shining over the top but the colours are more or less correct.

I hope you've enjoyed reading today's post.  If you would like to see what other crafter's/designers have been making why not pop on over to Wendy's blog and check out the links in her Handmade Monday post.


Mrs A. said...

Love your heart shape box. Have never thought to use the paint straightfrom the tube. Always dolloped it out onto a plastic plate and used a paint brush. I can see that your way it goes on much thicker so will give it a try. Thanks for the inspiration. hugs Mrs A.

Jam Dalory said...

I love the little heart shape box and I bet those pieces are going to make a lovely bracelet. x

Caroline Nash said...

Beautiful works of art

Wendy said...

Absolutely lovely, Anita. If you decide to run off to India for the winter, remember to make room for me in your suitcase. I don't like the cold either, brrr.

itsamistry said...

@MrsA I still use a paint brush - cheap hard ones I can throw away. If you saw the state of the palate I used to have you'd cringe - it was just plastered in acrylic and you couldn't get it off. So this way I don't have that problem. Plus I like to use my acrylics nice and thick :).

@JamDalory & @Caroline Nash - thank you ladies.

@Wendy don't worry I'll have a special suitcase for everyone who wants to come along :)


Save space for me too Anita. I love your work, the heart-shape box is gorgeous

Ros Made Me said...

I love the designs on the beads for the bracelets... they remind me of a fast and furious game of dominoes, full of movement. Really lovely and the boxes are super.

Picto said...

I love the designs, it's really difficult sometimes to get the colour right in the photo's.
I use the plastic lids from tubs of butter as palettes and my favourite thing to use for smaller amounts of paint are lids from the plastic milk bottles, I don't bother washing them when I've finished, I just throw them away.

Jan x

Charters said...

You can see how rich the colours are, lovely work. I'm with you on the cold front ... give me hot all year round!

itsamistry said...

@Christmas piec rafts - thank you:)

@ros made me - dominoes...interesting perspective - thank you.

@Charters you can have a space in the special "hot" suitcase.

dreamstar said...

Gorgeous colour red, love it.
Hating the cold too, and the dark nights are miserable