heart tree card

So here it is my make from yesterdays Handmade Monday all made up into a card.  I decided to mount the painting onto a lilac coloured card which compliments the other shades of purple/pinks on the heart and border - shame the sheen on the card doesn't show on the pic.


Kat Shenton said...

Awesome! Really do like those colours together.

itsamistry said...

Thank you Kat.

Wendy said...

it looks fabulous now it's been mounted.

Your work reminds me a bit of stained glass - do you ever do glass painting? I think your designs would translate well into that medium.

Sorry - you probably have enough different things to think about!


itsamistry said...

LOL Wendy I have tried stain glass painting but its too slow a process and I get easily bored.

Wendy said...

I know the feeling - I've done it too and I like instant results far too much! It's why I paint in acrylics (maybe you too!).