Happy New Year & Book Challenge

Happy New Year!!!  First post of the new year and a new reading challenge begins.  The aim is to read (or listen to) 52 books.  Last year I exceeded that and have 75 books on my list (some which were audio).  I don't know how many I'll read in 2016 but I'm sure going to try for 52.

Here is the 2015 list - 

1.Claiming Victory - Beverley Watts (kindle freebie) 3* because I liked the characters
2. The Next Always - Nora Roberts 6* I always enjoy her books easy to read
3. An Appetite For Revenge - Jennifer Jennings *3 being generous here 
4. Fractured - Dani Atkins 10* definitely worth a read keeps you guessing till the end
5. Fat Chance - Nick Spalding - currently reading 
6. The Perfect Man Sheila Flanagan - audio - 8* enjoyed listening to this one it was light and funny.
7. The Story of Us by Dani Atkins. 10* I really enjoyed this book as much as Fractured. The twist and the end is always surprising and I didn't even guess it correctly. Having read Fractured I knew the ending was going to be something else altogether.
 8. Summer Holiday - Penny Smith eaudio - 7* easy listening. Story was a bit far fetched but the characters were enjoyable.
9. Jack and Jill - James Patterson
10. Final Account - Peter Robinson 
11. Cross - James Patterson.
12. The Gordonston Ladies Dog Walking Club - Duncan Whitehead *0 absolute pants luckily it was a freebie. Story is unbelievable and the ending is abrupt.
13. The Rectors Wife by Joanna Trollope - I'm going to give it 7** really good story and you could relate to the characters and the emotions that the story emulated. Worth a read/listen.
14. A Dedicated Man by Peter Robinson -(audio) *7 really enjoyed listening to this book. 
15. Pop Goes The Weasel - James Patterson 10* (audio). I got really involved in this one. It had all the drama and intensity of a movie. The ending is left open as if there is another book/story to follow (I'll have to find out what the follow up book is).
16, A Necessary End - Peter Robinson (audio)
17, The Case of the Missing Boyfriend (book 1) - Nick Alexander
18, The French House - (book 2) - Nick Alexander
19, Me Before You - JoJo Mayes
20 The Case of the Missing Boyfriend and The French House by Nick Alexander - I thoroughly enjoyed both books
21 As good as it gets - Fiona Gibson
22 They Curvy girls club - Michele Gorman - enjoyable read about how a group of friends deal with losing weight, the impact on their lives as they move on with their lives.
23 Gallows View Peter Robinson - audio - usual story easy to listen to while working
24The Hen who dreamed she could fly - Sun Hi Hwang - hmm not sure about this one it was easy to read but really didn't see the point of it. Maybe I'm not looking deeper into the story. If it had been any longer I wouldn't have bothered finishing it. Happy to pass it along if anyone wants to read it.
25 There's more to life than cupcakes by Poppy Dolan - Easy read enjoyable.
26. Cupids Way – Joanne Phillip easy read/romance
27. Gifted and Talented – Wendy Holden –easy read
28. Mum on the Run – Fiona Gibson 
29. Baggage Claim – Amanda Tu - easy read
30.Kiss the girls – James Patterson –audio
31. Coming out – Danielle Steele – audio
32. The Confession – Charles Todd – audio
33. The Doris Day Vintage Club – Fiona Harper
34. A Walk In The Park - Jill Mansell.
35.The Unpredictable Consequences of Love by Jill Mansell (audio)
36. Echo Burning - Lee Child audio
37. Don't Blink - James Patterson.
38. I Alex Cross - James Patterson -audio
39. The Affair - Lee Child - audio
40. The Visitor - Lee Child - audio
41. Persuader - Lee Child - audio
42. A Place Called Here - Cecelia Ahern -proper book grin emoticon
43. Gone Tomorrow -Lee Child audio
44. Eyes on you - Kate White- gripping thriller audio.
45. Love from both sides - Nick Spalding (book 1 of 4) Hilarious laugh out loud moments and a couple of teary bits. Highly recommend it if you haven't already read this.
46. Love and Sleepless Nights - Nick Spalding - book 2 of 4 - just as good as the first one with laugh out loud moments.
47.Love Under Different Skies Nick Spalding 3 of 4
48.Love Among The Stars Nick Spalding 4/4
49.Postcard Killers - James Patterson & Liza Marklund
50. Deal Breaker - Harlan Coben
51. Take A Chance on Me - Jill Mansell
52. To the moon and back - Jill Mansell
53. Fairchild - Jaima Fixsen
54. Incognito (Fairchild book 2) - Jaima Fixsen - didn't find this one as enticing as the first.
55.Gone For Good - Harlan Coben
56. Just One Look - Harlan Coben
57. The Innocent - Harlan Coben
58 Promise me - Harlan Coben
59 Hold Tight - Harlan Coben
60 Long lost - Harlan Coben
61 Play Dead - Harlan Coben
62 ~Caught - Harlan Coben
63 Live Wire - Harlan Coben
64 Stay Close - Harlan Coben
65. First Sight  - Danielle Steel
66. The Tides of Memory - Sidney Sheldon
67. Unril You - Jennifer Mcnare
68. After You - Jojo Moyes
69. What Stays in Vegas - Beth Laborte
70. Love You Better - Natalie K Martin
71. Christmas at Tiffany's - Karen Swan
72. The One plus One - Jojo Moyes
73. Restoring Grace - Katie Fforde.
74. Crooked Little Lies by Barbara Taylor Sissel 
75. Bad Boy - Peter Robinson

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