Happy 2015

Happy New Year!!!  

What are your goals for 2015?  I don't have as many as last year but the main one is that I'm going to do things which make ME happy.

I've seen quite a few posts on facebook with peoples 'word' for the year which got me thinking about what I want to achieve in the next 12 months.  I think for me it's going to be 'Focus' and 'Take Action' especially where my business is concerned.  I took a back step the last couple of years due to some personal stuff going on.  

One of my goals last year was to read 52 books which unfortunately I didn't reach it but considering some of the books were over 1000 pages I think I did pretty well in reading 37.  Let's see if I can do it this year.  I've also signed up for an online class which doesn't start until April so that gives me time to get myself organised.  I'll also be taking part in 100 faces in 365 challenge - there's no timescale to this one.  I also want to tackle watercolours.  As some of you already know watercolours and I are not friends (unless it's the inkense pencils or blocks in which case we get on like a house on fire).  

So in summary - 
1.  Do things which make me happy
2.  Focus and take action 
3.  Read 52 books
4.  Complete the online class
5.  Draw 100 faces
6.  Become friends with watercolours
7.  30 Paintings in 30 days (Jan 2015)

That's a start to my goals and I'm sure as last year there will be some unexpected gifts which will be thrown my way.  

Oh and before I go another thing to add to the list is to keep the blog posts as regular as I can.  Why not subscribe or follow me by email and lets encourage each other in our goals.

Happy New Year
Lets make it the best one yet.

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