Abstract Art From Photographs

I'm a week behind with the Summer of Colour 4 a colour challenge at Twinkle Twinkle Like a Star.  This post is for week 3. 

The colours for week 3 were Lavender, Grey and a dash of Plum.  For a change I thought I would try water colour pencils on a 6 x 6 inch wrapped canvas a change to my usual mixed media paper.  I found it interesting to work with not sure I'd use water colour pencils again but it was a good experience.  The image I've used is from Paint My Photo a site which allows you to use the photographs as reference for your artwork without worrying about copyright issues if you want to sell your work.  The image I used was of a Halgon lamp and laminator which had been photographed and adjusted - you can see the details here of how this was done.

This is the image I used by Barbara Tester 
and this is my interpretation.

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