Beaded Bead Tutorial

I made this beaded bead back in 2010 and submitted to Beads & Beyond jewellery magazine where it was featured.  Since then I've taught a few workshops here in the UK and USA at an artfest.  As I don't have a studio to run workshops from now I have decided to put the tutorial up here for you to use for free.  

TITLE - ANANTA (Endless. Infinite)

TIP - For extra security and bead strength go through all the 6mm beads again tying half hitch knots every so often.  Once you are satisfied tie of the thread and apply a drop of glue to the knot.  Always follow thread route.

Beading needle,
Beading thread (I prefer KO)
Matsuno seed beads size 11,
2 bead caps 14mm,
x8 Jet Black AB 6mm round Czech crystal (MC)
x12 Half Silver 6mm AB round Czech crystal (SC),
x3 head pins,
Sterling or plated silver 0.8mm wire (approx 10cm),

Flat nose pliers, and wire cutters


1.  Take a comfortable length of thread and thread onto needle.  Add 4 alternate beads and tie together to form a square – leave an 8inch tail.  Go through all beads again exiting a SC bead.


2. Add 3 beads (MC/SC/MC).  Go through all the beads again exiting (SC).  Repeat this one more time


3. Fold in half so that the 2 SC beads meet each other.  Add a MC bead pass needle through the next SC, add another MC crystal go through the last SC bead to form a square.  Go through all 4 beads again exiting one of the SC beads. Tie a half hitch knot to secure. 


4. Pick up 7 seed beads and pass needle through opposite SC diagonally.  Pick up 2 seed beads and pass needle through the 4th seed bead of the 7 beads that have been added.  Pick up 2 seed beads pass needle through the first SC bead that you started from.  You now should have a kiss of seed beads.  Repeat until all sides are covered with kisses,


5. The finished bead.


6.Making the Pendant

Cut a piece of wire approx 10cm and create wrapped loop at one end.

Thread the following in sequence onto the wire-
x1 6mm SC crystal
Bead cap
x2 6mm SC beads
Your beaded bead –push one of the 2 beads added previously into the middle of the beaded bead
x1 6mm SC bead
Bead cap
x1 6mm SC bead

Create a wrapped loop at the other end. 

Wire wrap x3 of the 6mm SC crystal beads to one of the wrapped ends of the pendant.  Slip onto sterling silver chain or coordinating ribbon/faux suede.

Here is an image from the Beads and Beyond article

This necklace is made with different sizes of the beaded beads for a dramatic necklace.

I hope that you enjoy the tutorial and you will link to what you have made.  Please note that this tutorial is for your own personal use and not to be sold. I would be grateful if you do make the beaded bead and post it on your blog that you link back to this post.

Have fun any questions please ask and I'll try to answer as soon as I can.


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Oh So Gawjess said...

So talented!


fantasy firebird said...

Thank you for posting this, been a while since you taught me this and the refresher was welcome.

Wendy said...

I love your beaded beads, Anita - they always look so perfect and very special.

hokeycokey said...

Great tutorial Anita - I have little patience doing beadwork but I might just have a go at this because you make it seem so simple. Thanks for sharing x

itsamistry said...

Thank you for your lovely comments. Fantasy Firebird I want to see pics of what you make. Hokeycokey I hope you have a go - any questions just ask.