Make The Most Of Your Background Rubber Stamps

Hello long time no blog - sorry about that but the problems with the internet connection has really thrown me off balance.  Happy to say that it is all sorted - so no excuses not to blog right? 

So for my first post in over a month I thought I would show how you can utilise your background rubber stamps.  If like me you have boxes of stamps and only use a few favourites then read on.  I have a LOT of stamps but use only a few but recently I've been using one of my background stamps for designing some jewellery - wearable art.  

But first I would like share the 2 cards I've made using a stamp from Stamp Camp (Whimsy Waves #S358).  

The first card is a trio of Christmas Trees.  

The second card is a parcel.

And  I mentioned a jewellery project - well here is a sneak peek.

Thank you for popping in to read my post.  I would love to hear your thoughts on the above projects so don't be shy in leaving a comment.
If you would like to see more creativeness then why not pop on over to Wendy's and check out the Handmade Monday Blog.

Have a great week and I hope the sunshine's for you all.



Wendy said...

So lovely to see you back in the land of blog, Anita! Love those stamps - very simple but very effective x


You are a busy bee Anita, the jewelery sneak preview is very welcome, as it looks gorgeous. The colour is lovely. The tree cards are smashing - Christmas seems to be rushing towards is far too quickly.

Ros Made Me said...

Anita, love the jewellery and so talented with the cards too... great to see you again on Handmade Monday :)

Martha said...

oh love the cards, esp the 1st one with the trees - they are so me! my style! my doodly features! fab!

cant wait what your jewellery project will be like when you have finished :)
this type of green is gorgeous x x

Polly Polkadot said...

I shall be watching out, teasing isn't fair!
The cards look lovely.

Picto said...

Welcome back.... the cards are lovely. The designs work well with the shrink art jewellery, I look forward to seeing the pics in close up.

Jan x

Rita said...

Cant wait to see more of the jewellery, The colour is very eye catching,
Your cards are fab too. xxx

Your Friend Susie said...

Thank you. Have missed your blogs. I haven't done much with stamps, altho I have a tin full of them. I should drag them out and make some Christmas cards this year. Thanks for the nudge.

mcrafts said...

Love the cards - the sneaky peak at the jewellery - can't wait to see more. Mich :)

itsamistry said...

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. I shall reveal more of the jewellery designs very soon.

fatmonica said...

I love those cards-what lovely stamps!