I've got to talk about me and my jewellery today at a Women in Business event. Its only for 10 minutes but that's a long time when you are stood infront of over 30 women.

My friend Donna Hawk suggested I start with these questions -

  1. How long have you been making jewelry?
  2. What got you interested in making jewelry?
  3. Where do you get your ideas? Do you try to go with trends or just 'do your own thing?'
  4. What's your favorite piece to make? Why?
  5. Do you teach classes? if not, would you?
  6. Is it hard to find places to sell your work?
I've made a list of them in a notebook that I'm going to take with me and use for reference because I know that if I don't I'll be flustered and at least this way its a bit more structured. The good thing is that I can also take some of my work to display. I'll be taking plenty of business cards and some postcards with some pics of my work.

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