Day 5 of #AEDM

Today is a work day so no art has been made.  I had intended to do a quick sketch but it took me an extra half hour to get home so that got put on hold.  However I did receive 2 "faces" in the post - well drawings of faces.  I'm in a round robin type collaboration with 3 other artists who did the 29 Day Face Challenge.  The host of the challenge made up teams of 4-5 depending where in the world you are and each artist starts off a painting/drawing and passes it onto the next artist.  So by the end of of the challenge we should all end up with a face which has been worked on by 4 different artists and their style of drawing/painting.

This is what came today and which I need to add to. Once everyone has got their original pieces back I will do another post showing the whole process.

You can join in the fun with Art Every Day Month or just have a browse through and see what the other artists have to share here 

Have a lovely evening


pauline said...

sounds like a fun art collaboration! Wishing you more time at play and less time at work. ;-) thanks for sharing. xox

Unknown said...

This is my first time with AEDM and actually first time with any challenges. The faces collaboration sounds like such a fun idea. Love your work from the other AEDM days.

Gina said...

Glad they arrived safely, can't wait to see what you do with them :D XXX